Mila Mulroney: the women behind the 18th Prime Minister of Canada

Mila Mulroney, also known as Mila Pivnicki, daughter of Dimitrije Pivnicki, a Montreal psychiatrist She was the Canadian first lady of 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney

Mila Mulroney pic when she was young

Young lady Mila Mulroney

She is the huge support of Mr. Mulroney, with ability ” to get more votes than Mr. Mulroney can get for himself”. It could be seen that Mr. Mulroney always be with his wife in public to gain supports of people.

Mila mulroney was being with her husband, Brian Mulroney

Mila Mulroney was always being with her husband in public

In fact, Mrs. Mulroney played a very important role in the first campaign of Mr. Mulroney in Progressive Conservative Party, as well as the 18th Prime Minister of Canada election.

Mila Mulroney images

In 1992, Mila, an authorized biography book about the Canada first lady’s life was publish and gain lots of attention and interest of media at that time.

In the time of being PM of Canada of Mr. Mulroney, Mil Mulroney had involved in many charities activity. Mila Mulroney and Brian Mulroney were under huge stress since Mr.Mulroney had to faces committee to explain about the cash amount receive from the lobbylist Karlheinz Schreiber. In 1999, the Supreme Court of Canada judged that Brian Mulroney finally won his legal actions against the Liberal government of Jean Chretien. That was probably that hardest time for Mulroney family.

When Mr. Mulroney leaving his office, Mila Mulroney started to chase her passion: fashion and jewelery. She have designed several necklaces since she was 25.

Currently, she is managing Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a charity organization founded in 1960 to help people suffered form cystic Fibrosis; and Astral, one of leading media company in Canadian, which also owns the largest radio broadcaster in Canada.  

Mila Mulroney at Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes

Mila Mulroney at Holt Renfrew Launches Vignettes


Mrs. Mulroney at ‘Devil’s Casino’ Book Launch

Mila Mulroney and Brian Mulroney in Toronto International Film Festival

Mila Mulroney and Brian Mulroney in Toronto International Film Festival

What we talk when we talk about the Mulroney Opera Show

Mulroney: The Opera is a sensitive topic, mainly because Mulroney is still alive. Nevertheless, the opera about politicians is as old as art.  Sometimes, the opera serves to appreciate the leader or sometimes to mock the person presented in the story. For a leader like Mulroney who was publicly despised, the opera is something that can lift him up as a person or brings him down.  In the first place, he will never be a star in an Opera if he is not worth talked about.

On the other hand, for many people, Mulroney, The Opera is not quite an opera. Some people claim that it is more like a movie. Accordingly, the singing is lip-synced to professional performers. Also, the music is not reflective of the way it should be.  And yet for others, Mulroney, The Opera is a form of comic opera, where in the characters are tragic-comic and nobody dies.

The said opera was enjoyed by many due to the sarcasm and comedy it brought. To others, it conveyed a deep insight and it serves as a lesson to everyone in every election in Canada.  Mulroney’s story can guide every Canadian on who to vote and how they should choose their leaders.

Finally, it is an opera after all; people should come for the entertainment it brings and for the history. Previously, opinion polls have revealed that Canadian neither like nor respect their prime minister. And yet, Mulroney is one of the longest serving prime ministers of Canada. He was largely scrutinized in spite of all his political efforts to move Canada forward. In fact, Mulroney can be the most important leader of all time in the history of Canada. His impact on the nation was reflective. He negotiated a far-reaching free trade agreement with the United States that he claims will guarantee sustainable success for Canada. Furthermore, Mulroney arrived to an important constitutional agreement with Quebec that he continue to believe will promote Quebec in Confederation.

Some stated that Mulroney the Opera was quite a terrible movie that you shouldn’t waste time for. However it still worth noticing because it’s about what’s up and down with Canada in Mulroney’s time.

The story of Mulroney may remain a puzzle and may be difficult to understand. Even if his life story is put to an opera in a thousand times, the answers on why he was despised remain a brainteaser. For many Canadians who believed in him, he is the ideal political leader. In fact, at his age today, he remains dynamic and lives with his beautiful family. He is still a successful lawyer and an entrepreneur as he was before he entered into politics and became one of Canada’s infamous and famed leaders.



Review on Mulroney: The Opera

The Opera, Brian Mulroney: The Opera portrays Mulroney as a politician and a leader. It is an opera categorized into genres of comedy and musical. It is, however, a satirical presentation, more of an epic-fail show of Mulroney as the Canada’s Prime Minister then.  Mulroney, The Opera is successful production of director Larry Weinstein, librettist Dan Redican, and composer Alexina Louie.

The subtitle, “politics is cruel” may elicit different interpretations from many people.  The leadership of Mulroney generates different ideas about him as a person and as a leader, thereby, has influenced a lot of his constituents’ lives. With the Opera, the people may continue to hate, criticize, laugh at him, or love him all the more.

Mulroney The Opera

Mulroney’s story is definitely something larger than life. The story is about a person who had risen above the ranks and took the highest position in a country where he has visions and innovations to impart to his homeland. He walked through the parliament doors a thousand times, the decisions he made during his reign have deeply impacted his country. The decisions and changes he did and made divided his constituents: others have despised him while others won him their love.

The show reveals the different characteristics and attitudes of Mulroney. He was depicted there as charming yet braggart and egotist, to name a few. Nonetheless, the opera generally portrays the bitterness of being despised as a leader and of being underappreciated in everything he did for his country. It also projects a world where every move is watched and judged according to who did it and not to what it has done to its constituents. It is a show where the big ideas he has put forth and big decisions he had made which he thought were for the betterment of his people and for his country were converted into laughing moments. Moments to let the audience reminisce and review both the good and bad memories generated during his term of office as the prestigious and famous Prime Minister.

The Opera was portrayed through a series of caricatures although it does not tell the complete story of Mulroney: who he was, his successes, and his failures.  Rick Miller, the actor who portrayed Brian Mulroney in the Opera made the story realistic as he mastered Mulroney’s gestures and style.

The production of the Opera worked because of Mulroney’s achievements and triumphs as a person and a leader.  It is a powerful story that blends the fruits of power with its accompanying risks. It presents the story in sarcasm that is usually humorous and sometimes nasty. The story is balanced and artistic as it presents reality in some ways.

On the other hand, Mila Pivnicki Mulroney was portrayed in a different light. The opera producers presented her in the country club with her hair well done and with her high heels. Though, in real life, Mila has much more substance, strength and character, and empathy than how she was portrayed in the Opera.

Whether you are in Mulroney’s shoes or simply live an ordinary life, life is impossible to live without enemies and detractors. Mulroney’s biggest rival then was Pierre Trudeau who was also involved in the doomed Meech Lake Accord.

Conclusively, at the end of every story, we ask ourselves on lessons gained and learned.  Thus, what did we learn from the life story of Brian Mulroney? Perhaps, he is indeed worthy enough to be featured in a huge opera. However, for some people they claim that it is Canada who deserves an Opera for surviving a leader like Mulroney.

For Mulroney himself, he is a victorious man who did what he wanted for his country. Conversely, some say the Opera is just a euphemism that brings the people back to his long term reign as the Canada’s Prime Minister. The story brings all the Canadians to the scandal, victory, and controversies he has brought to Canada. True enough, it would only be the people who can tell his legacy. At this point in time, it cannot be told whether the achievements of Mulroney’s government will positively impact the next seven generations to come, because as of today, Mulroney’s reign remains a controversy.