Sporting the Safe Attire when Traveling and Welding

There are similarities when you want to be safe while traveling and welding. One of them is related to clothing. When you travel, you have to be aware of the appropriate attire to be safe. And when you weld, you also have to sport the proper welding outfit.

While Traveling

tourist-asiaWhat’s an inappropriate way to dress? If your clothes are telling everyone you’re a tourist, then your outfit is probably unsafe. If you’re wearing a lot of jewelry, then that makes you an easy target for thieves, scammers, or other kinds of perpetrators. The more your attire screams “I’m a visitor!”, the more you call for attention and the more you put your life in danger.

It’s also significant to research the way the locals dress in a particular country. Wearing the correct attire is a sign of respect too, you know. For instance, numerous Islamic nations have specific dress codes you should strictly follow. Other destinations even have laws that could compromise your vacation. Walking topless, for example, through the streets of Barcelona is prohibited both for male or female.

It’s best to stay within the law and wear what most locals wear so as not to offend them and their country. Don’t ignore local customs when it comes to the proper attire. You’ll be deemed as ignorant or arrogant.

If you know you’re about to visit a conservative country, then refrain yourself from standing out by wearing a crop top or a mini skirt. You’re already going to stand out if you’re a foreigner, and that’s enough. Do it for your safety and as a sign of respect.

While Welding


Likewise, you should also sport the proper attire when welding so as not to jeopardize your safety while working.

One of the most essential things to wear is a welding respirator. These respirators protect you from the welding fumes that could have a long-term effect on your health. Welding fumes are a combination of fluorides, silicates, and metallic oxides. These are formed when a metal is heated above its boiling point, and when its vapors condense into extremely fine particles. Inhaling welding fumes is a bad thing; it can lead to serious health issues (chronic and respiratory problems). In fact, other fumes are carcinogens which can cause serious health concerns.

3M Rugged Comfort Quick LatchGood thing there are welding respirators! These things have filters that can remove the harmful particles in the fumes. If you wear one, you’ll surely be safe from the danger of inhaling fumes. Think of it as a must-wear accessory to keep you safe. It’s just like wearing the correct abaya when visiting a Muslim country—it’ll keep you protected and away from danger (like prison).


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