Mulroney: The Opera – Synopsis

Joyously irreverent, Mulroney: The Opera blends political satire with an original operatic score. It is at once a comedy, a tragedy and always thoroughly epic in its portrayal of contemporary political life in Canada. Within the ‘Holy Grail’ of musical forms – the Opera – these stories, scandals and real-life politicians are finally given the larger-than-life platform they deserve.

The story begins in 2002 as Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, arrives at the House of Commons for the unveiling of his official portrait. After a less than enthusiastic introduction from Jean Chretien, Mulroney bemoans the lack of appreciation from a country that has wholly misunderstood him, and begins to bend the ear of an unsuspecting security guard.

Mulroney tells his story: from the early days in Baie Comeau, to meeting and marrying Mila Pivnicki, and from his sweeping win of the Prime Minister’s office, to the controversies that have plagued him…ever since.

Along the way we meet Mulroney’s childhood hero Col. Robert McCormick, Jean Chretien, Mila Mulroney, competitors Ed Broadbent and John Turner, Cabinet Ministers Coates, Fraser, Gravel, and Blais Grenier, Nancy and Ronald Reagan, and of course, Mulroney’s nemesis, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

From the creative team that brought to life the comic-opera television special “Burnt Toast,” Mulroney: The Opera is composed by Alexina Louie, written by Dan Redican, and directed by Larry Weinstein.

A parade of familiar faces in front of the camera includes Stephanie Anne Mills as Mila, Colin Mochrie as Jean Chretien, Wayne Best as Trudeau, Michael Murphy as Col. McCormick, Janet-Laine Green as Nancy Reagan, Sean Cullen as Bob Coates, and the phenomenal Rick Miller as Brian Mulroney.

Behind the scenes, some of Canada’s most revered opera singers give voice to the revelry. Peter Barrett sings Chretien, Martin Houtman sings Ronald Reagan, Zorana Sadiq takes on Mila, Joel Katz portrays McCormick, Shannon Mercer is Blais Grenier, Lawrence Wiliford is Trudeau, and brilliant bass-baritone, Daniel Okulitch performs the voice of Brian Mulroney.

A Rhombus Media production, Mulroney: The Opera is produced by Jessica Daniel and Larry Weinstein, and executive produced by Niv Fichman and Mark Slone.

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