The Right Way to Leave Your Vegetable Garden Before Traveling

If you’re about to go on vacation, but you’re worried about your plants, this is the article for you. Whether you have a small or huge vegetable garden, all you have to do is follow the tips below to keep it alive while you’re away.

Tip 1: Installing an automatic water system

Irrigation system kits are readily available and affordable nowadays. They’re easy to install, and they assure you that your plants will stay hydrated. Unfortunately, this won’t solve the issue of your veggies over-ripening on the vines.

Tip 2: Making DIY self-watering jugs

Milk jug irrigation system in Dewey Gunnoe's garden

Soda, milk, and water containers are perfect for the job. All you have to do is: water your beloved garden just right (don’t overwater them) before you go on your vacay; poke a couple of holes in the bottom of every jug using a sharp object; fill the containers with water; and position them around the garden with the mouth of each jug pushed a few inches into the soil. That’s it! The water will slowly drip from the jugs, keeping the ground moist while you’re away.

Tip 3: Putting a timer on your sprinkler

This is an excellent tip if you have plants on stands. It’s also a great alternative if you find the irrigation system a bit too high-tech. Installing a timer on a sprinkler or soaker hose is a much hassle-free thing to do as well. You might need to recruit a picker (maybe your neighbor) just like what you would if you have an automatic irrigation system, but at least your crops will receive the water they need.

Tip 4: Cleaning up


To make sure there isn’t any hindrance for your plants to grow while you’re on a vacay, do some tidying up before you go. Pull out the weeds and get rid of dead or yellowing leaves. Also, spray a dose of insecticidal soap to aphids and other pests.

Tip 5: Mulching around plants

Add a layer of mulch (organic, of course) around your precious plants, and you’ll be surprised by how much it can keep the roots cool. Mulching can also prevent the evaporation of moisture and restraint the development of weeds. Remember that the limit to applying mulch is three inches or less especially if you have snails or slugs.

Tip 6: Timing your vacay


The last yet somehow the best advice of all time is to time your vacation wisely. You won’t have to worry much if you go on vacation during the winter season. However, you’ll have to expect a problem or two if you go away in the summer when the plants you have are at their zenith of blooming. If you really have to leave your plants during the warm season, I suggest you look for a garden buddy to tend to your garden until you get back.

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Remember These When Flying Internationally

flying internationally

Let’s face it.

Flying internationally can be a good experience. But you know what? Flying internationally can also be a bad experience, especially if you come across some one way international flights problems.

Have a good experience – no matter where you’re going – by remembering these when flying internationally:

Book flights in advance.

This is not just for you to avail flights on cheaper prices. This is also for you to create travel plans smoothly, without compromising both effort and money on something that could have been avoided (e.g. booking flights at the last minute and spending money at the last minute).

Bring copies of your transactions.

As they say, it’s better safe than sorry. That being said, you should bring copies of your transactions. This is not just for you to be more aware on how you’re spending your money, but also for you to show enough proof that you actually paid for your transactions (in case you’re questioned about their legitimacy).

Bring copies of your documents.

Aside from bringing copies of your transactions, you should also bring copies of your documents. It could be your authenticated birth certificate or your government-issued identification card. This is for you to not just let others identify you as you are, but also for you to show enough proof that you are who you say you are – especially when travelling in countries that require both passport and VISA).

Keep calm if ever anything happens.

No matter how bad your experience is when flying internationally, you should keep calm if ever anything happens. This is not just for you to make things easier for interrogating authorities, but also for you to assess the situation more clearly and to respond on probes more accurately.

Do you know any other tips when flying internationally? Let us know in the comments section below!

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