How To Become A Process Server

How To Become A Process Server. Process serving is becoming more popular especially among the youth. With more people understanding the importance of process service, job opportunities seem to be springing up. But how do you become a process server?

Well, the Canadian judicial does not have a provided standard or certification for process service. You therefore may not need a specific certification to become a process server. However, the law does prefer that you have some experience in law enforcement and have a basic understanding of Canadian law. Much as you will get on-the-job training, you must have some foundation in the law.


How to become a Process Server


Here are a few things you should do to help raise your chances of becoming a process server:


Learn about law and law enforcement


If you do not have a background in law enforcement then you need to learn a few things about the law and law enforcement.

As previously mentioned, the law graciously accepts those with a background in law enforcement to become process servers. You can take up classes in law enforcement, criminal justice, mail delivery, handling court documents or whatever other course you may find relevant to the job. You can choose to do this at any of the campuses available or take an online course for a certified institution.

Different provinces have different requirements for becoming a process server. Educate yourself in the differences and if you can learn all there is so you can get a job in any part of the country.


Research on duties expected of a process server


Nothing is worse than starting a job and not knowing what you need to do day-to-say. Get to learn about all the expectations that come with the job and prepare yourself for them. For instance, you can study as much as you want only to discover that the province you want to work at only allows people above the age of 18 to work as process servers, yet you are 18 years old. Alternatively, you may be required to have a valid passport and driver’s license yet yours expired or your DL is on hold due to driving misdemeanors.


Get some experience


When you are armed with information, find a way to put it to practice. It is one thing to be book smart, quite another to be able to apply it practically.

Apply for internships at law firms or government institutions even if they don’t pay. This will go a long way in training you for situations to come. The beauty of doing internships is that you work under someone so they become answerable for some of the mistakes you make. It also means that you will learn some of the tricks faster and earlier than if you went out on your own.


Get the software


We are living in a time where we have so much tech around us that can be used to arm us better with information. Make full use of this!

Buy some process server software that will help you learn terminologies, procedures of serving, history of serving process as well as methods of tracking process service.

The above mentioned points are just the basics of how to become a process server. When you put your mind to it and fully commit, you can become a process server in no time! Just arm yourself with enough info.


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