Can Paralegals Improve Your Practice?

Can Paralegals improve your practice? Paralegal services are becoming very popular. Many law firms are also taking in more paralegals after realizing just how much better a law firm can run with paralegals working under them.

But before we get into this, let us understand what the term “paralegal” means.

By definition, a paralegal is someone who is educated and knowledgeable in matters about the law, who works for an organization, governmental institution or law firm under a licensed attorney. 

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Let’s be clear on this; paralegals are not attorneys of law. They are trainees working under attorneys of law. As such, there are certain duties that they cannot legally perform. However, it does not mean that they cannot do just about anything an attorney can do, it is just that they have to do it under the supervision and authority of a licensed attorney of law.

Look here for what a paralegal cannot do.


Can Paralegals Improve Your Practice?


So how can paralegals improve your practice? There are several ways:


Improves first-hand communication with clients


Paralegals get to handle your clients one-on-one after you have made the initial contact and discussed the legal fees. From then on, a paralegal can be taken up to help handle the client’s case which would include having meetings with them about evidence or documents needed.

It also creates a way for your clients to have first-hand information when they need it as soon as they need it. In essence, a paralegal becomes your law firm’s face to the clients.


Improve the quality of documents


As the error is too human, you as an attorney can make small errors while preparing legal documents. Some of these errors could turn out to be a case turner against you in court. This is where paralegals help out. They can be charged with going through court documents to not only comb- out errors but to also help in ensuring that all legal loopholes are filled.

Besides correcting errors, paralegals can also be charged with coming up with arguments that can help you with a case and finding the documents and evidence needed for the case. However, all this should be done legally; all information should be gathered through legal sources.


Help cut costs


As previously mentioned, paralegals are trained in law and only fall short of being attorneys by the fact that they are not admitted to the bar or licensed to be attorneys. Therefore, they can execute almost any role that a trained attorney can.

You can make use of this by charging them to handle some legal tasks and charge the client less. This will save you from having to pay a licensed attorney a higher fee to perform the same task.


Help lower your legal fees


In cases where the situation warrants, you can charge a paralegal to handle a client. In the long run, where you use less licensed expensive attorneys, you can now charge a client less knowing that you will pay the paralegal a smaller fee than you would otherwise pay an attorney.

With the right guidance and mentorship, paralegals can help you steer your law firm forward faster and more efficiently. You may even gain popularity for the hands-on experience that clients receive from the paralegals. If you live in Toronto, and are in need of a paralegal service, we would highly recommend Toronto paralegal PST


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